Founder's Words

Founder's words

Founder's Words

Founder's story

The health check report came as a bolt from the blue.

One day in 2016, I looked at the piles of store-bought healthy supplements in the house, the reflection of my tiring face and the obese figure in the mirror. I had a sudden whim to go for a medical check. It’s not only to check my physical health, but also a check to see if the healthy supplements I bought stay true to their advertisement. However, the shocking report was not what I expected, it shows that the number of pylori bacteria in my body had broken the hospital record. My physician told me in an urgent tone, that he had to immediately transferred me to the Oncology department for further examination. I was so close to be diagnosed gastric cancer. In the meanwhile, the doctor prescribed me to start the injection of insulin. On the top of that, the report also informed that my physical age was 76 years old, and had a premature menopause, which means I would never be able to give birth to a child.

Bear the burden alone, and live a life with tears covers my face

That night I didn’t have the courage to talk to anyone. I was lying on the bed tossing and turning, I felt so desperate at that moment. My life seemed to be fall apart, I had tears covered my face. I was a thirty-eight years old adult, a mother of three children, but my physical condition was ruined. At the breaking point, my tears dropped. I looked at my husband, who had no idea what I was going trough. At that moment, I burst into tears, started to yell at him and scolded him up. Although he had no clue what happened to me, he stayed with me silently, listened to my complaints, and gently reminded me to get some rest, cause no matter what happened, the sun still rises, and the life still goes on.

Japanese Tourmaline, the turning point of my life

By chance, one of my friends recommends the Tourmaline from Aichi Prefecture to me. This stone is known for full of electricity, included negative ion and far infrared ray. Therefore, I had my first experience of Negative Ion Sauna treatment with doubt. To my surprise, I found my swelling disappeared, and had a good complexion than before. Later, my follow-up health examinations went even better. It showed that there wasn’t any problem with my body, I even could stop the injection of insulin. Lastly, I gave birth to a cute baby inexplicably.

Regain health, and make good affinity with others.

As the saying goes, “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” I am so thankful to God for letting me know the magical of Tourmaline. I started SHONGHOYA from a small clubhouse to the current state. In a short period of time, almost three years since I first started, I had met many people were in the same state as I before. I had witnessed each and every of my customers regained their health and so many miracles were happening during the process. Later, SHONGHOYA gradually transit, we put our eye on list on NASDAQ, and strive to be the first in worldwide health industry. We believe through the treatments of negative ion and far infrared ray can improve and help human body, therefore we recognize it as our calling in the world.

Personal experience

sincerely recommend

I have adhered this belief since we first started.
e look forward to your continued support of Shonghoya Intl Group Inc., thank you all.