what's ions?

Combination of oxygen and negative ion

There is oxygen in the air, which is found naturally as a molecule. When other molecules in the air separate the negative ion for various reasons, a part of the negative ion will combine with oxygen molecules, which is the cause of negative ion. Due to the lionization nature of negative ion, it is easy to separate from the oxygen molecule again when there are many suspended substances near it. Therefore, the negative ion will disappear at this time. According to the statistics, the lifespan of negative ion can reach several minutes in very pure air, but only a few seconds in the air of city that is filled with dust. The content of negative ion reaches its highest in the forests, mountains and watersides. The number of negative ion is generally about 1000-1500 per cubic centimeter in the air. While in the city, the number is only about 200 per cubic centimeter.

The effect of negative ion is so amazing that is has also been crowned with the name as “Vitamin in the air,” which is known by medical community. In fact, researches show that 85% of negative ion can be absorbed through skin, and 15% of negative ion can be absorbed from nose through respiratory tract and bronchi to the lungs. Therefore, cause its effect on physical activities of the human body. When negative ion enters the brain, it improves sleep quality and lowers blood pressure by adjusting the function of the cerebral cortex. When negative ion enters the human respiratory tract, it can relax the bronchial smooth muscle, improve the function of the cardiopulmonary system, and improve work efficiency. Negative ion in the blood can reduce human fatigue, improve body response, and improve human immunity. Secondly, negative ion can also help human body reduce the soot in the air, thereby reduce the chance of getting diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Advantages of Ions

Advantages of Ions

AC rooms
0~25 ions/cm3
Cause physical illness
Closed area of urban residence
40~50 ions/cm3
Induce physical disorder
Park in urban district
100~500 ions/cm3
Cause headache, insomnia, allergies
Suburban fields
1,000~5,000 ions/cm3
Maintain the basic needs of health
High mountains and Seaside
5,000~10,000 ions/cm3
Increase human immunity
Forest and Falls
50,000~100,000 ions/cm3
Reduce the disease transmission by germicidal action
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