Environmental Showcase

Shonghoya Intl Group Inc. has invested tens of millions of dollars to create a style that blend to nature in harmony with logs and marbles. We divide the area with first and second floor, including “Negative Ion Sauna Treatment,”” Foot Steaming Treatment,” “Relieve Stress and Beauty Section,” “Tea Room” and “Waiting Area.”

The counter sides bring with a simple design, match with a bright and steady light, in order to create a visional, ultimate luxury, intimate and comfortable space.

Negative Ion Sauna Treatment

Each sauna private room is equipped with bathroom fixtures, and we will have someone at your service to let you enjoy the most, worry the last.



Relieve Stress and Beauty Section

Cozy environment, soothing music, we are here to offer the most professional service by our specialize beauticians.

Tea Room

The private VIP room for our customers with delicacy and unique tea drinks, not only to soothe your soul, but also satisfy your taste buds.

Waiting Area

The cozy waiting area serves with healthy negative ion water, so that you can stay healthy without waiting.